Engineering Safe Drinking Water Sustainably​

Paqua has created a water purification system with a difference. Our water treatment solution, PaquaVida, can provide clean drinking water from almost any freshwater source, without harming our planet. 

Using cutting-edge technology, PaquaVida retains the highest water safety standards without the use of harsh chemicals. The unit also runs on very low power, making water purification possible even in remote locations, all whilst reducing treatment costs and your carbon footprint. 

To ensure reliability of our product, Paqua has worked closely with the University of the West of England to stress-tested the technology. We have also run trials in different countries and environments across the globe, meaning you can feel confident in the safety and longevity of the product we provide.

If you have a water source that requires treatment to meet strict drinking water standards, we can help. Whether your requirement is for a permanent water purification installation or for a temporary and rapidly deployed treatment system, Paqua will have a solution to meet your needs and those of the population the water serves. 

Paqua provides a dependable and cost-effective water supply that is fully automated and virtually maintenance-free. 

We’re leading the way in pure sustainable solutions – why not join us?

Highly Effective Treatment

Extensive testing carried out by the University of the West of England over two and a half years proved the effectiveness of the technology even in the harshest of conditions. They tested the PaquaVida Water Purification System by storing it under just a tent in all UK weathers. 

Highly Practical

Unlike most chlorine-based water treatment systems, PaquaVida simply requires salt, water, and power consumables. The unit uses an internal electrolysis process together with filtration modules to produce a continuous flow of fresh, clean drinking water.

Low energy, low cost, low environmental impact

With very low energy requirements and operating almost entirely autonomously, PaquaVida Water Purification Systems can be run using solar panels or wind turbines, so are suitable for use completely ‘off-grid’.

Sectors We Work In

Our Results

“The data from this trial clearly demonstrates that the water purification system can provide biologically safe drinking water from a heavily contaminated raw water source.”

Dr Bethany Fox
Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of the West of England

Our Approach


Water Supply Requirements and Water Quality Issues

Nov 09, 2017


Low Energy, Electrolysis-based, Purification System

Nov 09, 2017

Deliver and Install

Transporting Unit Safely to Site

Nov 09, 2017

Test and Train

Testing and Fine-tuning The System, Training Your Operatives

Nov 09, 2017

Monitor and Support

Helping You to Monitor, Maintain, and Manage the System

Nov 09, 2017

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